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Safe factors when you using the air compressor

Compressors should be maintained periodically according to the technical documentation. It is necessary to comply with the recommendations that the compressor inspector has stated in the petition. Also, you can refer to the following for better air compressor maintenance work. And you can visit here for more information about best air compressor.

For air compressors

For air compressors
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  • The compressor must be operated by the operating manual.
  • Electrical equipment must be grounded.
  • When repairing, turn off the power and hang up the plate:
  • All navigation devices must have a protective cap.
  • Alarm devices should always be in good working condition.
  • Not repaired when the machine is working.
  • No flammable dirt on the edge of the machine.
  • Fire prevention and protection must always be guaranteed and ready when the problem occurs.
  • Machine operators must strictly comply with the regulations on labor safety and environmental protection.

For compressed air tanks

For compressed air tanks
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– Safe work on compressed air tanks requires the user to be trained and tested professionally, by regulations and safety regulations.

– Comply with the following provisions:

  • Do not allow repair of cylinders and parts subjected to pressure while working.
  • It is forbidden to insert, brake, hang heavy loads or use any means to increase the load of the safety valve while the tank is used.

– The use of jugs in the following cases is not allowed or suspended:

  • When the pressure is increased beyond the allowable pressure, although other requirements specified in the operating procedures are guaranteed.
  • When the safety structure is not perfect.
  • When the basic parts of the jar are found to have cracks, distortion, fouling or watering in the welds, leakage in the bolt or rivets, the pads are fibrous …
  • When a fire threatens directly to a pressurized container

When the pressure gauge is damaged and unable to work.

  • Must comply with inspection regulations for pressure vessels. Check inside three years/times.

Hydraulic pressing six years/times

The safety valve of the bottle must also be inspected regularly and pressed every six months with pressure not exceeding 110 atm.

Note: it is necessary to comply with the requirements required by the safety unit. The operator of the compressor must be trained in safety and a certificate of operation of the pressure equipment.

Hydraulic pressing six years/times
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Risk factors when using compressors and electrical equipment

  • Shockwave; Fire, explode by oil decomposition;
  • Explosion due to equipment does not guarantee durability; Due to noise, vibration;
  • Injuries caused by moving parts, pieces of material, splinters, shotguns.

Safety measures for compressors and electrical appliances:

  • Workers must fully meet the requirements such as occupational certification, health; Trained – safe and well-equipped with safe facilities …
  • The pressure components of the compressor (gas tank, gas pipeline) must be declared and inspected according to regulations;
  • Measurement tools must be properly installed, good lighting;
  • For cooling water compressors, the water valve must be opened to cool the cylinder before running the machine.
  • Only operate the machine when there are adequate safety devices (membrane, safety valve, …), the right measuring instrument and precise operation;
  • It must be quickly shut down when the pressure gauge reaches the allowable number;



Imagine how cool it would be if you’re able to hatch a little chick at home without any help from a mother chicken. It would seem impossible back in the days but with the help of modern technology, this process could be done easily at home if you’re owning an incubator. But choosing an egg incubator could also be a very tricky work. In this post, I’m going to give you a detailed guide on how to choose a good incubator that is going to satisfy you without breaking your budget. Or if you’re a fan of DIY projects, you could use this awesome guide to make incubator at home. Now, without further ado, let’s get to work.

Egg incubator
credit: buyeggincubators.wixsite.com

Size and dimension

First, you must decide how much eggs you want to incubate. If your purpose is only having a good time with a home project, then you only need a small incubator. But if you want to increase the productivity of your barn, you gonna need a large incubator with awesome features. Most people would be satisfied with a small incubator like the Mini Advance, it is only necessary for the skilled farmer to use a more advanced product. The one that allows you to manually control the inside environment of the incubator. Otherwise, you should be fine with the preset features of a mini incubator.


credit: brinsea.com

Manual and automatic control

Just like everyone else, I’ve always preferred the automatic incubator since not anybody could have time to learn about those complex features of a manual incubator. It only takes time when you need to turn the eggs and you should purchase products that have thermostats which would help you in controlling the temperature inside.

Still air and forced air

Like how they’re sounded, the still air and forced air work to control the air circulation inside your incubator. And in my opinion, the forced air is more superior to the still air but it’ll use more energy. And sometimes, the fan could get pretty loud.


For normal users, a small and automatic incubator should be more than enough. It should cost you about only $50 for one. On the other hand, if you want a more powerful machine, the number should be about $200. Remember, there is no need for an incubator that is more than $200 since it wouldn’t do much better unless you really want to have one and your budget allows it.

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Tips to buy a bed
Buying a bed
credit: luxdeco.com

In your house, the bed is probably the object that you spend the most time with. For that, it is worth investing a bit of time and money into buying this. However, with hundreds of models and brands currently on the market, choosing the one for you might be a problem. That’s why we are here. In this article, we will show you some tips to select the most suitable bed for your personal need. Here goes:

1/ Research online but buy offline

Research online purchase offline
credit: zeendo.com

Before you actually go out and buy it, do a quick research online for the one that fits your personal preference. When you have found the perfect one, don’t click on order just yet. You should test the mattress in person. Because if something looks good in a picture, it does not necessarily means it will feels good in real life. Besides, product reviews are, for the most part, personal bias. Even if something gets all positive ratings, you would be better off testing it in person.

2/ Understand the types

Bed types
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Here are the three most popular types of mattress on the market:

Inner spring: A traditional mattress. This is perfect for those who are currently on low budget or intend to upgrade in a few years.

Foam mattress: This is perfect for those who are sensitive to pressure because there are no metals inside it.

Air mattress: An adjustable mattress. You can increase of decrease the firmness by altering the amount of air inside it.

Find out what you suits your personal taste and needs, test them all out and go with the one you like most.

3/ Test the mattress in person Test the mattress

Try lying on the mattress for about 15 minutes to check if it is comfortable or not. Try all other sleeping positions as well. You are going to spend many hours a night with it so it is a good idea to try it out in advance. If your current mattress is ancient, everything will feel brand new or strange at first; it will take a while to get used to it.


4/ Cost and maintenance

Before deciding to buy something, you should make sure that you know how much it cost and if you are comfortable with it or not. You should also ask the clerk about the delivery and other additional costs i.e. cost of removing the old one or installing a new one. These can add to make up a considerable sum so you should use your negotiation skills to lower it down.

5/ Protect your investment

Protect your product
credit: overstock.com

Causing too much damage to it and you are at risk losing the warranty; therefore, I would also suggest a mattress cover to go with it. Mattress tends to harden with age, while people usually need a softer of as they get older. To tackle this problem, I’d suggest that you buy a latex topper or high quality gel to add more life to your mattress.

Another trick to help prolong the life of the mattress is to rotate it once in a while, especially if you sleep with your significant other. If there is a sharp difference in weight between two partners, one side of the mattress will wear out much faster. Therefore, you should do this trick about twice a year.

That was it for this article. We do hope that you have found some useful information for yourself. If you wish to read more articles related to this topic, please click here to pay a visit to our website. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Thank you for reading with us.




are merrell shoes good for plantar fasciitis

Heel pain, which makes the patient extremely uncomfortable, many cases have to be surgically resolved, but the disease can be completely cured or prevented by walking the appropriate shoes. For runners, you have to wear a pair of running shoes to avoid bad situations. What are the best for plantar fasciitis, I suggest you visit here for get more information about best running shoes.


What is the heel pain


Heel pain usually due to tendinitis, the nature of the degenerative fascia due to excessive use or injury. Heel pain is also sometimes a symptom of some diseases such as hepatitis, heel bone atrophy, ankle tunnel syndrome, foot reflex, foot ulcer. The heel is a strip of the rib from the heel to the tops of the waist. It works to maintain the physiological curvature of the foot, causing the foot to have a spring. It relieves pressure on the foot when exercising. Because it lies between the two hard surfaces of the calcaneus and the ground, so often people who walk, stand, run, or even bare feet or sandals, will be vulnerable.

Causes of heel pain


bones of the tendons

The reason is that the veins of the legs are stretched too much, repeated over and over a long time causing inflammation, tearing right where clinging to the calcaneus, long term will lead to the formation of heel spines. Or kick the foot before moving, balancing the foot in the frozen state is not timely adapt to walking, running. Also, the pitch is too stiff, or the standard vacuum technique in sports causes strong shocks in the heel area. If you walk, run or run too much, body weight gain (obesity, pregnancy) overload your leg. You wear unsuitable shoes or congenital flat feet; women wear shoes, high heels or pre-menopausal, menopause, a history of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes are also at risk. High muscle disease.

Common Symptoms In Patients

Patients experience pain in the heel area, especially when they get up from the ground to sleep, and relieve pain when walking during the day, or fall asleep but relapse when the patient commences travel. much. But later, with constant pain when walking, or running or playing sports.

X-rays also exclude some of the causes of other heel pain such as cracking of the bone, osteitis, bone tumors, or follicular healing at the table, heel. Heel pain is a very common symptom that can be easily avoided if it is not preventive and difficult to treat as well as relapses if left untreated by a specialist.

Prevention of heel pain

  • You need to warm up the person thoroughly, stretch the foot 24 times before playing sports
  • Wear Specialized shoes, suitable size, padded shoes.
  • Avoid playing on the hard surface; you need to correct the foot for the correct technique.
  • Do not walk or jog a lot to lose weight. Before the walk, you have to stretch the abdominal muscles, legs.
Choosing the right shoes to prevent plantar fasciitis
running shoes

For people who play sports, especially if they have big feet, a pair of shoes is very important to them. To prevent plantar fasciitis, you need to have a suitable shoe, exercise regimen when taking part.

Fix the heel pain by the following simple methods:

  1. Physical Therapy: set of exercises suitable for the treatment of the foot
  2. Soak feet before bed: soak in warm water for about ten minutes. Then use your hand to gently press the heel to find the most painful position and then at that point in the direction from the outside into and gradually up. Day extra in the middle of the toe of the foot will be very effective
  3. Wear lining in the shoe: help supports the foot, reduce the pressure on the heel. You should wear low, soft slippers.

Intex above ground pool reviews


Intex above ground pool
credit: secardpools.com

Have you ever wanted to own a swimming pool? If so, this may be the article for you. In this article, we will give our personal opinion on the Intex Ultra frame above ground pool, which is one of the most popular brands currently on the market. Here is what we have to say.


Price and feature
credit: amazon.in

In terms of cost, this pool can be a bit pricey. However, it is better, more durable and lasts longer as well. Hence, an increase in price comes with an increase in quality and longevity. I would definitely pay for that

General features

  • Ladder, ground cloth, pool cover and everything that comes with other Intex pools.
  • Trendy and up-to-date design and style.
  • Easy set-up even with the improved design.
  • Many shapes and sizes available to fit every type of budget and needs.

Size and shape

Size and shape
credit: aliexpress.com

This type of pool is available in many shapes and sizes suitable for even people with low budget. For example, the rectangular one is available in two sizes: 24 x 12 x 52 and 32 x 16 x 52. While the round one is available in 16 x 48 and 18 x 52.

Pros of the pool

  • You can set this thing up easily without even asking an expert for help.
  • This model is sturdier than other models of intex and will probably last longer as well
  • You can easily disassemble the pool and store it away in cold season, which will increase its length of use.

Cons of the pool

  • The ladder included in the set can be a little shaky. It is recommended that you upgrade to a tougher one.
  • The ground must be absolutely flat, which might call for more preparation time. Otherwise, you just cannot set it up.

Some suggestions

credit: amazon.com
  • Lots of people recommended buying the salt water system along with the pool. This will save you time and money for maintenance and decrease the needs of adding chemical to the pool. This may cost a bit more right now but it will be more economical in the long run.
  • If you want to use your pool even in cooler months, consider buying the solar pool cover

Overall assessment

This Intex Ultra frame pool is really friendly to your budget. It is even sturdier and more durable than its peers. You can install this pool just by reading the instruction once or twice. Moreover, you can even fold this pool and store in away when you don’t use it so as to prolong its lifetime. From our personal viewpoint, if you want a pool for your house, this is the one for you.

That was our review of the Ultra Frame pool. We hope that you find the information provide useful. If you want to check out more articles on this matter, please click this link. There you will also find the list of the best above ground pool available right now. It will sure to help you get a better picture of the current pool market.

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Lauren by Ralph Lauren down alternative comforters review

In this post, I’m going to give a full review of the newest alternative down comforter  from Ralph Lauren.

Product detail

Ralph Lauren down comforter
credit: http://www.thehomecompanyomaha.com/

The product dimension is 90(W)” x 92(L)” or 229(W) cm x 234(L) cm and weight 7.2 pounds. The comforter is filled with white alternative down and Lite Loft resilient hypoallergenic fill. Cover with 100% cotton, it also has corner loops for attachment to LRL duvet cover.


The comforter has medium weight, not too light or too heavy. The fill quality is really good. When you press your hand on it and release, it puffs right back.

credit: amazon.com

Because it is filled with hypoallergenic fill, you won’t have to worry about down allergy anymore.

A good year-round comforter, not too hot on summer but still very warm in winter. It’s all because of the breathable material.

The down fill is sectioned in squares and seal tightly. This will prevent the fill inside to slip away and maintain the shape of the comforter.

4 corner loops for easier attachment to LRL duvet cover. This way the cover won’t get loose anymore.


credit: webmd.com

I notice this one making noises when I turn in my sleep. It may don’t matter too much for most people but I’m very sensitive when I sleep so this is kind of disturbing. Hope I can fix this after a few wash to soften the fabric.

It could look thin for some people and doesn’t suitable in cold climate areas. And the package doesn’t come with a duvet cover. I have to purchase one myself.

Only comes with one size, the queen comforter looks too big on my single bed. They should come with the single or twin version.

Baby Care

If you want to find a product for your baby sleep, you can visit here for get more information about Top 5 Best Pack and Play. Besides it, keep the baby warm in sleeping at night is a difficult work.

Caring Baby Sleep from A Mother

Winter, extreme weather, keeping your baby warm during sleep is a difficult question for many parents. Is there any way to help the baby’s parents were sleeping without heat or cold in extreme weather days like this?

Care for 10-month-old son, from the beginning of winter, Jennifer had to shop for some of the warm body to wear belly was not leaking. Jennifer said by the time the night Jennifer still have to get up several times, sometimes for up extra blankets for children, at the right touching neck, back view not sweating, then wipe dry with a towel.

“Extreme weather too, if I’m not careful, my baby very ill, then they are tired many times,” Jennifer said.

Some Useful Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to help parents give the baby to sleep without being hot or cold in extreme weather days like this :

  • First, you need to choose pajamas for children so that safety, comfort and help them maintain the best temperature. Baby Pajamas should not thick, less ventilation. You should choose a dress with soft natural fiber, which helps the skin to “breathe” is like cotton are best. Avoid lace pajamas, attach beads or other decorative details as it can wrap his or her neck.
  • Never overly warm enough for the baby. Overcast too can increase the risk of SIDS in babies. Keeping warm is properly maintained for the baby warm enough, especially susceptible to cold areas like the feet, hands, and chest fontanelle.
  • What kind of sleeping bags designed specifically for hot weather and cold weather is also good for your baby’s sleep.
  • One pair of socks is a good way to keep warm for the baby’s toes when it’s cold. Do not apply too many thick blankets, heavy infant, because baby overheating will increase in the first heat, prone to lead to sudden death while sleeping.

The necessary football equipment

Football, or soccer in America, is an excellent sport to deepen friendship as well as for physical training. It is one of the sports that requires the lowest amount of equipment. Plus, they are not even that expensive to acquire. In this article, we will talk about those necessary equipment that you are going to need in order to enjoy the game on the pitch.

The footwear


Needless to say, this is the most important equipment of football or any sport for that matter. For football, depend on the field you are going to play, you will choose you pair of cleats according to that. If the surface of the field is soft grass, then go for the pair with long studs or in simpler terms, the spikes. For harder surface like indoor football or artificial grass, shorter studs is are recommended. Remember to try them before hand to prevent any blister or any pain to your feet, which will cost you money and time. One extra thing to keep in mind is that the shoes can only aid you in the sport, it cannot turn you into in a superstar straight away.


If you don’t have the financial means, regular clothes with sweat absorption and you feel comfortable wearing should do the trick. T-shirt and knee-length shorts are standard combination for football but you can get creative with it. If you have some extra fund, go for an authentic jersey from famous brands like áo thun adidas, Nike or Puma, etc. It is better designed and you will feel much more confident wearing it.

Shin pads


This is to protect the front of your lower legs, which are at constant risk of injury in this sport. Choose a pair that fits the width of your legs so as to provide your legs with the best protection. They may not prevent serious injuries from happening to you but they sure can protect you from a lot of minor ones during the game, which is a good trade-off for a few more bucks, I would say.


Only the goalkeeper has to have this piece of equipment. All the other players can wear it to keep warm if they want. For the pair of goalkeeper, choose something light, durable and can help you hold the ball firmly so as to prevent any spill, which could possibly lead to many unwanted goals. For other players, a pair of sweater to keep warm is more than enough.


If you wear a pair of shoes without socks, then you would be better off with bare feet. Wearing a pair of cleats without socks will create a lot of friction between your feet and the shoes, which can be irritating and can cause you to feel uncomfortable, leading to playing the game badly. These things are cheap so don’t be a miser, spend some money on them, you won’t regret it.

That should be enough for you to get comfortable in this sport. We hope to see you again in another of our articles