Learn about the Food for Pit bull Dogs

You still hear people say pit bulls are picky eaters, only eat superior food, expensive, eat better than human food. ” These “shared” words make people who first raise pit bull not be confused. This is not entirely true; most breeds do not cost too much, do not eat expensive food or food is too difficult, it is important to provide enough nutrition for Your dog grows. So what should you give the pitbull to eat? This article will share reasonable nutrition and pitbull food. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about Best Dog Food for Pitbulls.

Nutrition of dog scene

Dogs and dogs, with ancestors, are wolves, are carnivores. Their digestive system adapts to the major digestion of food as protein and fat. Although time and live with humans for tens of thousands of years, dogs have adapted to eating vegetables and starches, but the diet of dogs still have large amounts of these two nutrients. Depending on the breed and the level of activity, the protein and fat ratio in the daily feed will vary. The protein ratio varies from 21 to 31% of fat, from 11 to 17% by weight. The remaining volume is mainly refined, vitamins and fiber, some minerals and other supplements.

Often, lesser dogs will need higher protein and fat ratios, as the more active the dogs are, the greater the muscle growth, the higher the protein requirement. In other cases, long and thick hairy dogs will require higher amounts of protein and fat than short-haired dogs, although they may be less active. The reason is that the plumage requires a lot of protein to grow fully (proteins made of hair), while fat will help make the hair ball and smooth.

Protein and fat

As discussed above, the most important is protein and fat. These two substances are naturally balanced in proportion to the meat and viscera of animals. Meat is the best beef, followed by chicken, fish (sea fish is best), pork (lean). The organs can use the liver, lungs, heart, over heart, oval, brain. It is also possible to eat eggs and duck eggs, but eggs are usually less fatty than required, so you have to feed a little fish fat, chicken fat or vegetable oil, mix well when feeding.

Protein and fat

Avoid having meat, eggs or viscera greasy because the dog is prone to abdominal pain. Meats should also be cooked or at least dipped in boiling water to ensure hygiene. Most dogs like to eat raw meat, but you also know that meat bought outside is not hygienic, so you cook for safety.

Fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins

These substances are found in vegetables, fruits, rice, bread. Dog breeds often do not like to eat these things unless they are too hungry or have been eating from the time they start eating. You should chop (or grind if it’s a puppy), mix well with meat, eggs or viscera so that they will eat out.

Feed for dogs

The food available for many people to choose from is fast, clean, (can) ensure adequate nutrition and taste that breeds are very fond of. However, the most important thing is nutrition, dogs can eat a good bowl of food available but not sure enough. You must look at the ingredients listed on the package. Protein should be> 20%, fat> 10%, filler <10% (no nutritional value for dogs), vitamins Fiber and other minerals. There are also many types of ready-to-pack foods that contain up to 25% protein but in fact not 20%; you should choose a reputable food company.


Difference between canister and power filters

If you are a fan of fish aquarium then having an aquarium filter is utmost necessary. There are a lot of types of filters on the market and buying without any knowledge beforehand can be a bit difficult. In this article, we will give you some brief comparison between the two most popular types of filter. Here is what we have to say about canister filters and power filters.

Canister filter and power filterThey both help keep the environment clean for the fish but the way they do it is a bit different from each other.


The main difference is the water pumping capacity or how much water they can pump and filter in an hour. The flow of the canister filters tend to be gentler while that of the power filter is very strong. In addition, the water in the power filter has to pass through more filtering phases.



The next different is where they are placed during installation process. The canister will be fitted on the outside of a tank and do its job through the attached hoses. Meanwhile, the power filter will do its job inside of a tank and can prime itself as well.


This means what type of fish is in the tank and if there are any plants in it. Saltwater and freshwater fish require different environment to survive in a tank and thus, that leads to different types of filter. In my opinion, if you plan to have saltwater fish, go for a canister filter. For the other type, go for the power filter



If your tank is big, you will need something suitable in size to keep it clean. If you have a lot of fish in your tank, a power filter is what you need to keep the water crystal clear and clean as well. If it is just an average tank with not so many fish, a canister filter would do the job just fine.

Learning the basic differences between the two types of filter will help you understand what’s best for your fish much better. This will help you choose the right filters, saving you money and keeping your tank clean efficiently.

That was it from us on this topic. If you want to know more about this topic, please go to our website. There you will find interesting articles like how to find the best aquarium canister filter or which filter suits your tank.

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Car battery starter buying guide

Buying a battery starter for your car should not take you the entire day to decide on which one. But at the same time, buying one without any beforehand consideration can often lead to great disappointment. And that is why we are here for you. In this article, we will present you with some criteria you need to look out for when buying this device. Here they are


Car battery starter

This is like the bridge between your battery jumper and your car, so it needs to be strong and up to the task. The diameter should be thick so that it can handle more amps while transmitting. The material should be somewhat durable so that you can use it for a long time and have high melting point to prevent any unwanted accident. And lastly, the two protection layers should be made of high quality material so as to reduce the risk of bad things happening.

Need the best jumper cables? Read more about it using the link right here.


It is extremely difficult to give you an exact number as each engine is different in size and capacity. However, we do have some reference number for you:


If you have 4-cylinder petrol or gas engine, a machine with 150-200A is enough. For 6-cylinder, make it 200-250A. As for 8-cylinder engine, it requires a 250-300A jumper.

If you have diesel engine, just double the number and you will have a better idea of what to look for.

So as you can see, if you want to know the suitable capacity of your jumper, check the engine size and how many cylinders your car has. That and which type of fuel your engine feeds on. It should give you your answer.


You will definitely need to use this during winter or very cold weather. During that time, the battery has highly chance of dead and the performance of your battery jumper can decrease enormously. To deal with this, you need to buy a device with higher peak and cranking current than those of your car. This will ensure that the jumper will have enough power to start your car even in a cold day.


Safety features

Although the process of reviving your battery may sound simple and easy, there are some hidden risks as well. You may never know what is going to happen. Hence, it is recommended that your jumper have some of the following safety features just in case something goes south even though you following the instructions carefully. Some of them can be: overload protection, overcharge protection, over current protection, etc.

Additional features

Its main job is to resurrect dead battery but some may have other cool additional features as well. This includes: multiple charging ports (phone charger, laptop, etc.), flash light for reviving in dark condition, etc. If you don’t want to leave your device dormant for long, then buying the one with many features might not be a bad idea. They may cost a bit more but some of them are sure worth the money


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Common house problems and how to fix them

Taking care of your house can be a daunting task. That is not entirely true as there are some repair jobs that you can do yourself. In this article, we will present you a list of the most common and simple house repair jobs. This will help you take better care of your living space and save you some extra cash to spend on something else.

House problems


Two of the most common problems: clogged toilet and broken lever. If your toilet is clogged, you need to use a plunger for this. Put it over the hole and flush the toilet to add water to the bowl. Give it some thrusts and water should flow freely now.


If the lever is broken, first you need to open the water tank and re-connect the chain. If it is too corroded, it is time you bought a new one. You can buy the parts at a common hardware stores and the seller will be more than happy to show you how to do it.

Leaked pipe

Firstly, you need to cut the water supply to the sink. Next, put a bucket or some kind of water container below the sink and unscrew the compression nut. Dirty water will come out and you can clean the hose in the process as well. Then put a new hose in place and put everything back into place.

You can simple patch the leak parts but you should use it for minor leaks only. For serious case, it is better to buy a new one instead.

You can visit watersystempro to find out more about this problem.

Replace light switches

Replace light switches

You might be tempted to left this to a pro but you can do it yourself as well. Firstly, shut the power to the switch and begin removing the faceplate covering the switch. Then proceed to remove the switch from the wall and you will see the two wires connecting to it. Cut the two wires and attach them to a new switch, remember to do it carefully and correctly. After that, put everything back in its place and you are done

Holes patching

Holes can make your walls look unaesthetic and they can become bigger, which will affect the structural soundness of the house. To deal with this problem, clear the holes of any dirt and try to stack some spackle into them. Then let them dry and use sandpaper to smoothen the surface.


Imagine how cool it would be if you’re able to hatch a little chick at home without any help from a mother chicken. It would seem impossible back in the days but with the help of modern technology, this process could be done easily at home if you’re owning an incubator. But choosing an egg incubator could also be a very tricky work. In this post, I’m going to give you a detailed guide on how to choose a good incubator that is going to satisfy you without breaking your budget. Or if you’re a fan of DIY projects, you could use this awesome guide to make incubator at home. Now, without further ado, let’s get to work.

Egg incubator

Size and dimension

First, you must decide how much eggs you want to incubate. If your purpose is only having a good time with a home project, then you only need a small incubator. But if you want to increase the productivity of your barn, you gonna need a large incubator with awesome features. Most people would be satisfied with a small incubator like the Mini Advance, it is only necessary for the skilled farmer to use a more advanced product. The one that allows you to manually control the inside environment of the incubator. Otherwise, you should be fine with the preset features of a mini incubator.



Manual and automatic control

Just like everyone else, I’ve always preferred the automatic incubator since not anybody could have time to learn about those complex features of a manual incubator. It only takes time when you need to turn the eggs and you should purchase products that have thermostats which would help you in controlling the temperature inside.

Still air and forced air

Like how they’re sounded, the still air and forced air work to control the air circulation inside your incubator. And in my opinion, the forced air is more superior to the still air but it’ll use more energy. And sometimes, the fan could get pretty loud.


For normal users, a small and automatic incubator should be more than enough. It should cost you about only $50 for one. On the other hand, if you want a more powerful machine, the number should be about $200. Remember, there is no need for an incubator that is more than $200 since it wouldn’t do much better unless you really want to have one and your budget allows it.


Intex above ground pool reviews


Intex above ground pool

Have you ever wanted to own a swimming pool? If so, this may be the article for you. In this article, we will give our personal opinion on the Intex Ultra frame above ground pool, which is one of the most popular brands currently on the market. Here is what we have to say.


Price and feature

In terms of cost, this pool can be a bit pricey. However, it is better, more durable and lasts longer as well. Hence, an increase in price comes with an increase in quality and longevity. I would definitely pay for that

General features

  • Ladder, ground cloth, pool cover and everything that comes with other Intex pools.
  • Trendy and up-to-date design and style.
  • Easy set-up even with the improved design.
  • Many shapes and sizes available to fit every type of budget and needs.

Size and shape

Size and shape

This type of pool is available in many shapes and sizes suitable for even people with low budget. For example, the rectangular one is available in two sizes: 24 x 12 x 52 and 32 x 16 x 52. While the round one is available in 16 x 48 and 18 x 52.

Pros of the pool

  • You can set this thing up easily without even asking an expert for help.
  • This model is sturdier than other models of intex and will probably last longer as well
  • You can easily disassemble the pool and store it away in cold season, which will increase its length of use.

Cons of the pool

  • The ladder included in the set can be a little shaky. It is recommended that you upgrade to a tougher one.
  • The ground must be absolutely flat, which might call for more preparation time. Otherwise, you just cannot set it up.

Some suggestions

  • Lots of people recommended buying the salt water system along with the pool. This will save you time and money for maintenance and decrease the needs of adding chemical to the pool. This may cost a bit more right now but it will be more economical in the long run.
  • If you want to use your pool even in cooler months, consider buying the solar pool cover

Overall assessment

This Intex Ultra frame pool is really friendly to your budget. It is even sturdier and more durable than its peers. You can install this pool just by reading the instruction once or twice. Moreover, you can even fold this pool and store in away when you don’t use it so as to prolong its lifetime. From our personal viewpoint, if you want a pool for your house, this is the one for you.

That was our review of the Ultra Frame pool. We hope that you find the information provide useful. If you want to check out more articles on this matter, please click this link. There you will also find the list of the best above ground pool available right now. It will sure to help you get a better picture of the current pool market.

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Lauren by Ralph Lauren down alternative comforters review

In this post, I’m going to give a full review of the newest alternative down comforter  from Ralph Lauren.

Product detail

Ralph Lauren down comforter

The product dimension is 90(W)” x 92(L)” or 229(W) cm x 234(L) cm and weight 7.2 pounds. The comforter is filled with white alternative down and Lite Loft resilient hypoallergenic fill. Cover with 100% cotton, it also has corner loops for attachment to LRL duvet cover.


The comforter has medium weight, not too light or too heavy. The fill quality is really good. When you press your hand on it and release, it puffs right back.


Because it is filled with hypoallergenic fill, you won’t have to worry about down allergy anymore.

A good year-round comforter, not too hot on summer but still very warm in winter. It’s all because of the breathable material.

The down fill is sectioned in squares and seal tightly. This will prevent the fill inside to slip away and maintain the shape of the comforter.

4 corner loops for easier attachment to LRL duvet cover. This way the cover won’t get loose anymore.



I notice this one making noises when I turn in my sleep. It may don’t matter too much for most people but I’m very sensitive when I sleep so this is kind of disturbing. Hope I can fix this after a few wash to soften the fabric.

It could look thin for some people and doesn’t suitable in cold climate areas. And the package doesn’t come with a duvet cover. I have to purchase one myself.

Only comes with one size, the queen comforter looks too big on my single bed. They should come with the single or twin version.