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The necessary football equipment

Football, or soccer in America, is an excellent sport to deepen friendship as well as for physical training. It is one of the sports that requires the lowest amount of equipment. Plus, they are not even that expensive to acquire. In this article, we will talk about those necessary equipment that you are going to need in order to enjoy the game on the pitch.

The footwear


Needless to say, this is the most important equipment of football or any sport for that matter. For football, depend on the field you are going to play, you will choose you pair of cleats according to that. If the surface of the field is soft grass, then go for the pair with long studs or in simpler terms, the spikes. For harder surface like indoor football or artificial grass, shorter studs is are recommended. Remember to try them before hand to prevent any blister or any pain to your feet, which will cost you money and time. One extra thing to keep in mind is that the shoes can only aid you in the sport, it cannot turn you into in a superstar straight away.


If you don’t have the financial means, regular clothes with sweat absorption and you feel comfortable wearing should do the trick. T-shirt and knee-length shorts are standard combination for football but you can get creative with it. If you have some extra fund, go for an authentic jersey from famous brands like áo thun adidas, Nike or Puma, etc. It is better designed and you will feel much more confident wearing it.

Shin pads


This is to protect the front of your lower legs, which are at constant risk of injury in this sport. Choose a pair that fits the width of your legs so as to provide your legs with the best protection. They may not prevent serious injuries from happening to you but they sure can protect you from a lot of minor ones during the game, which is a good trade-off for a few more bucks, I would say.


Only the goalkeeper has to have this piece of equipment. All the other players can wear it to keep warm if they want. For the pair of goalkeeper, choose something light, durable and can help you hold the ball firmly so as to prevent any spill, which could possibly lead to many unwanted goals. For other players, a pair of sweater to keep warm is more than enough.


If you wear a pair of shoes without socks, then you would be better off with bare feet. Wearing a pair of cleats without socks will create a lot of friction between your feet and the shoes, which can be irritating and can cause you to feel uncomfortable, leading to playing the game badly. These things are cheap so don’t be a miser, spend some money on them, you won’t regret it.

That should be enough for you to get comfortable in this sport. We hope to see you again in another of our articles

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