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are merrell shoes good for plantar fasciitis

Heel pain, which makes the patient extremely uncomfortable, many cases have to be surgically resolved, but the disease can be completely cured or prevented by walking the appropriate shoes. For runners, you have to wear a pair of running shoes to avoid bad situations. What are the best for plantar fasciitis, I suggest you visit here for get more information about best running shoes.


What is the heel pain


Heel pain usually due to tendinitis, the nature of the degenerative fascia due to excessive use or injury. Heel pain is also sometimes a symptom of some diseases such as hepatitis, heel bone atrophy, ankle tunnel syndrome, foot reflex, foot ulcer. The heel is a strip of the rib from the heel to the tops of the waist. It works to maintain the physiological curvature of the foot, causing the foot to have a spring. It relieves pressure on the foot when exercising. Because it lies between the two hard surfaces of the calcaneus and the ground, so often people who walk, stand, run, or even bare feet or sandals, will be vulnerable.

Causes of heel pain


bones of the tendons

The reason is that the veins of the legs are stretched too much, repeated over and over a long time causing inflammation, tearing right where clinging to the calcaneus, long term will lead to the formation of heel spines. Or kick the foot before moving, balancing the foot in the frozen state is not timely adapt to walking, running. Also, the pitch is too stiff, or the standard vacuum technique in sports causes strong shocks in the heel area. If you walk, run or run too much, body weight gain (obesity, pregnancy) overload your leg. You wear unsuitable shoes or congenital flat feet; women wear shoes, high heels or pre-menopausal, menopause, a history of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes are also at risk. High muscle disease.

Common Symptoms In Patients

Patients experience pain in the heel area, especially when they get up from the ground to sleep, and relieve pain when walking during the day, or fall asleep but relapse when the patient commences travel. much. But later, with constant pain when walking, or running or playing sports.

X-rays also exclude some of the causes of other heel pain such as cracking of the bone, osteitis, bone tumors, or follicular healing at the table, heel. Heel pain is a very common symptom that can be easily avoided if it is not preventive and difficult to treat as well as relapses if left untreated by a specialist.

Prevention of heel pain

  • You need to warm up the person thoroughly, stretch the foot 24 times before playing sports
  • Wear Specialized shoes, suitable size, padded shoes.
  • Avoid playing on the hard surface; you need to correct the foot for the correct technique.
  • Do not walk or jog a lot to lose weight. Before the walk, you have to stretch the abdominal muscles, legs.
Choosing the right shoes to prevent plantar fasciitis
running shoes

For people who play sports, especially if they have big feet, a pair of shoes is very important to them. To prevent plantar fasciitis, you need to have a suitable shoe, exercise regimen when taking part.

Fix the heel pain by the following simple methods:

  1. Physical Therapy: set of exercises suitable for the treatment of the foot
  2. Soak feet before bed: soak in warm water for about ten minutes. Then use your hand to gently press the heel to find the most painful position and then at that point in the direction from the outside into and gradually up. Day extra in the middle of the toe of the foot will be very effective
  3. Wear lining in the shoe: help supports the foot, reduce the pressure on the heel. You should wear low, soft slippers.

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