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How to choose camping tents

Camping with your family or friends is always a wonderful activity for all of us. Imagine you’ll have much time to enjoy with your loved ones and sharing memories with each other. In these occasions, a good tent is always a good combination. In this article, we’ll help you find the best picnic tents whether it is a small 3-5 person tent or a big one like 10 person tent. Here is how you should do it.

Camping tent


The first thing you should consider is how much people are going to stay in the tent.

Camping tent

If going camping alone is your hobby then you only need a small personal tent that could fit one or two people. Tents like these are very compact, easy-to-build, and could be folded up and carry which makes it really convenient.

But when the number of people is over two, you’d probably want to change it to a bigger one. A middle size tent would be perfect for this case. It can contain up to 6 people at a time without any problems.

And our last choice is for picnics with your classes or big families, these are 10 person tent that could have more than 10 people on it. Some may ask that we could replace them with two medium tents but it wouldn’t be fun isn’t it. Although it is a little harder to carry and set up, a 10 person tent is always my choice for picnics with my friends and family.


You should also consider the weather of the places that you’re going camping. We have a few choice for you here:

Winter tent

3 season tent

These are the most common tents that are designed for spring, summer, and fall. They’ve been engineered to withstand light rain to heavy ones and average wind. They can even be able to deal with light snow. But if the weather is too rough, you guys should probably stay inside. Be honest, it’ll be nuts if going camping or picnic in these weather. So if your purpose is only to find a stable and convenient tent for a family picnic, then you should choose a 3 season tent.

4 season tent

Most of us would be happy with a 3 season tent but for those who enjoy adventures like going travel alone into a wild area, they’d probably gonna need a 4 season tent. These are designed to withstand severe weather like heavy wind and thick loads of snow. All the features have been tested many times and that is why they’re a perfect choice for people who love having adventures in inhospitable areas.

Important features



There is two common type of tents, they’re cabin-style and dome-style. The two have their own specialties and cons.

Cabin-style – These tents have a shape of a small house with the vertical wall that maximum the height of the tent. You could stand and move around easily. But they don’t stand too well in rough weather. That makes them perfect for a picnic with family and friends rather than adventurers.

Dome-style – In contrary, these tents are perfect for adventurers, it has a dome shape that could withstand rough weather without any problems. But the downside of these tents is that the space around them are reduced to increase the stability.



It really important to having a ventilated tent since air circulation affects directly on how we feel about the tent. I’d definitely love camping in a well-ventilated tent with many windows and door since it makes me feel more relaxed. And you may say that what if the weather is cold outside and you want to avoid that. It’s really simple, just wear more clothes and sleep in a warmer sleeping bag. Using a completely sealed tent makes me feel uncomfortable and I find it hard to breathe sometimes.


Your tent should be made with denier fabrics to avoid having rain, wind, and snow. And the bottom should be sealed with seam tape to avoid leakage. And whatever the material, it should be ventilated or you shouldn’t choose it at all.

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