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Car battery starter buying guide

Buying a battery starter for your car should not take you the entire day to decide on which one. But at the same time, buying one without any beforehand consideration can often lead to great disappointment. And that is why we are here for you. In this article, we will present you with some criteria you need to look out for when buying this device. Here they are


Car battery starter
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This is like the bridge between your battery jumper and your car, so it needs to be strong and up to the task. The diameter should be thick so that it can handle more amps while transmitting. The material should be somewhat durable so that you can use it for a long time and have high melting point to prevent any unwanted accident. And lastly, the two protection layers should be made of high quality material so as to reduce the risk of bad things happening.

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It is extremely difficult to give you an exact number as each engine is different in size and capacity. However, we do have some reference number for you:

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If you have 4-cylinder petrol or gas engine, a machine with 150-200A is enough. For 6-cylinder, make it 200-250A. As for 8-cylinder engine, it requires a 250-300A jumper.

If you have diesel engine, just double the number and you will have a better idea of what to look for.

So as you can see, if you want to know the suitable capacity of your jumper, check the engine size and how many cylinders your car has. That and which type of fuel your engine feeds on. It should give you your answer.


You will definitely need to use this during winter or very cold weather. During that time, the battery has highly chance of dead and the performance of your battery jumper can decrease enormously. To deal with this, you need to buy a device with higher peak and cranking current than those of your car. This will ensure that the jumper will have enough power to start your car even in a cold day.

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Safety features

Although the process of reviving your battery may sound simple and easy, there are some hidden risks as well. You may never know what is going to happen. Hence, it is recommended that your jumper have some of the following safety features just in case something goes south even though you following the instructions carefully. Some of them can be: overload protection, overcharge protection, over current protection, etc.

Additional features

Its main job is to resurrect dead battery but some may have other cool additional features as well. This includes: multiple charging ports (phone charger, laptop, etc.), flash light for reviving in dark condition, etc. If you don’t want to leave your device dormant for long, then buying the one with many features might not be a bad idea. They may cost a bit more but some of them are sure worth the money


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