Difference between canister and power filters

If you are a fan of fish aquarium then having an aquarium filter is utmost necessary. There are a lot of types of filters on the market and buying without any knowledge beforehand can be a bit difficult. In this article, we will give you some brief comparison between the two most popular types of filter. Here is what we have to say about canister filters and power filters.

Canister filter and power filterThey both help keep the environment clean for the fish but the way they do it is a bit different from each other.


The main difference is the water pumping capacity or how much water they can pump and filter in an hour. The flow of the canister filters tend to be gentler while that of the power filter is very strong. In addition, the water in the power filter has to pass through more filtering phases.



The next different is where they are placed during installation process. The canister will be fitted on the outside of a tank and do its job through the attached hoses. Meanwhile, the power filter will do its job inside of a tank and can prime itself as well.


This means what type of fish is in the tank and if there are any plants in it. Saltwater and freshwater fish require different environment to survive in a tank and thus, that leads to different types of filter. In my opinion, if you plan to have saltwater fish, go for a canister filter. For the other type, go for the power filter



If your tank is big, you will need something suitable in size to keep it clean. If you have a lot of fish in your tank, a power filter is what you need to keep the water crystal clear and clean as well. If it is just an average tank with not so many fish, a canister filter would do the job just fine.

Learning the basic differences between the two types of filter will help you understand what’s best for your fish much better. This will help you choose the right filters, saving you money and keeping your tank clean efficiently.

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