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If you want to find a product for your baby sleep, you can visit here for get more information about Top 5 Best Pack and Play. Besides it, keep the baby warm in sleeping at night is a difficult work.

Caring Baby Sleep from A Mother

Winter, extreme weather, keeping your baby warm during sleep is a difficult question for many parents. Is there any way to help the baby’s parents were sleeping without heat or cold in extreme weather days like this?

Care for 10-month-old son, from the beginning of winter, Jennifer had to shop for some of the warm body to wear belly was not leaking. Jennifer said by the time the night Jennifer still have to get up several times, sometimes for up extra blankets for children, at the right touching neck, back view not sweating, then wipe dry with a towel.

“Extreme weather too, if I’m not careful, my baby very ill, then they are tired many times,” Jennifer said.

Some Useful Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to help parents give the baby to sleep without being hot or cold in extreme weather days like this :

  • First, you need to choose pajamas for children so that safety, comfort and help them maintain the best temperature. Baby Pajamas should not thick, less ventilation. You should choose a dress with soft natural fiber, which helps the skin to “breathe” is like cotton are best. Avoid lace pajamas, attach beads or other decorative details as it can wrap his or her neck.
  • Never overly warm enough for the baby. Overcast too can increase the risk of SIDS in babies. Keeping warm is properly maintained for the baby warm enough, especially susceptible to cold areas like the feet, hands, and chest fontanelle.
  • What kind of sleeping bags designed specifically for hot weather and cold weather is also good for your baby’s sleep.
  • One pair of socks is a good way to keep warm for the baby’s toes when it’s cold. Do not apply too many thick blankets, heavy infant, because baby overheating will increase in the first heat, prone to lead to sudden death while sleeping.